Stocks to Watch – Week of March 10th, 2014

$BBRY – Blackberry Ltd. – Look for an entry as close to the $9 dollar support level as a successful retest of the prior breakout. Anticipating a break above the $11 dollar resistance.Image

$CBRL – Cracker Barrel – Like the location right here. In time, could see this one all the way back to $110 a share. Image

$CREE – Cree Want this one a little lower. As close to 57 as possible. Looking for an eventual breakout of its upper end of its range. Its been consolidating in this area for quite a while. When it breaks, it will run big.Image

$CROX – Was on my watchlist last week. Looking for a breakout above this asymmetrical triangle. Image

$IBKRInteractive Brokers – I like the location of this one for a long. Could see all the way up to new highs. Image

$INVN – Invensense – This was one on my weekly watchlist from last week that did not come in enough before breaking out. I like this for an entry on a retest of the breakout level as close to 21.75-22 as possible. Image

$JAKK – Jakks Pacific – I like this for a long. Awesome chart and entering in a decent sized thin volume pocket all the way up to 11. Image

$ONVO – Organovo – Love this if it gets lower. In the area of the green box. About 8.75-9.00 would be an excellent place to enter. Eventually this consolidation pattern will breakout to the upside.Image

$PHM – Pultegroup – Love the location for a long here. The long tail shows the presence of buyers at this balance area. Breakout over 21.50. Target 24+


$RVLTRevolution Lighting Technology – Looks beautiful to breakout here. Stock play.Image

$SNOW – Trawest Resort Holdings –  If it can get over the IPO high it should go.Image

$SOHU – – looking for the retest in the 73-75 area to enter a long. Image

$SPWR – Sunpower –  Looking for any bounce or sign of a successful retest to get long here.Image

$AMZN – Amazon –  Looking for a dip near $365 or close to that level to go long. Image

$TMUS – TMobile – Great location here for a long.Image

$ICLD – Intercloud –  Love the location and pattern for a breakout play. Image

Bearish Ideas

$FOSL – Fossil Group – Action suggests potential to roll over back to new lows. Look for any signs of rolling over to buy puts here. Image

$IPI – Interpid Postash – Same as fosl. Should breakdown from this range. Look for any signs of rolling over to buy Puts. Image

$MELI – Mercadaolibre, Inc –  Expecting it to roll over from here. Image

Biotech Stock Ideas

$ABIO – Coiled and ready.


$ADXS – Pop coming soon to make a run at $7.0Image

$APRI – Love the location of this one. Image

$CTIC – Looks ready to breakout.Image

$IPCI – Coiled and ready to pop. Image


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